glass beads


Billions of tonnes of water
& they are only interested in
i’m wearing underneath
my glass beads don’t matter
just movement that follows logical sequence
this grueling exercise of sequins
my party dress
it’s the most important breakthrough
this hydrogene fool spending oxygene
oh, they will send Artemis to convince me
by millimeters across each molten droplet
to test my ability to do complets
well, they love omelette’s 8 pancakes
doppler rockettes playing topless
to be La Plus
just cut out for me this sequins thing
they say: i’m not entirely arid
well, i offer beats
they did that too
nevertheless, i’m older than Jared
or any spotted hyena they call time frame
as does prof Sen Hu


And again i sprang forward with a song
calling it darkness returning home
now to the Cycladic Isles
this blur which wasn’t mine
beads are no tears
both can be fabrication
since predators hover around beaches & eateries
a hardy, a preserving band
of excavators that claim: Tomorrow
will lie behind you
Dark side of the Moon
“You re-arrange me til I’m sane”
thunder in your ear
i will see you there, in Mykonos
when Mykonos is heading
into a stratosphere of its own
Big Hunt
but you cannot remove me from my post
this silver-sickle, blunt
i am your parody
forget Castalia!


i always made sure that the greeks
get the all time clear
i am Leucothea & sea goddess & a nymph
i know where peoples’ questions end in dreams
& why they came up with the Isthmian Games
i know my olympian gods, salt water & sweet water
veil yourself, Odysseus i do it too
they call me “Rock Drill” or Ino
shadow of a young girl in flowers
a gentle haze
get rid of the sequins, the paraphernalia
lots of salty poems, poems of the sea
hello dear, Amplifier of cryptochromes
oh, Baan**

—Martina Gertrude Siebert



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