the holy techie drive

And Jonah said: forget the 7th art
in battle one exists
blackheart dust cart
they met at a gas station
called past paco rabanne
to apply knowledge
to the special legion
flip chart eye chart
wordless book
just check if your fingers
if your eyes are intact
plastic surgeons are precious in war
and dove yonah met sky strider
ancient lore
which could become a power
furiously racing to the top
what remains
282 days
1200 euros
destruction via incompetence
little white lies in
the save haven of war
or intimate digital mania
to get the beef or to be
good ham
this platform just below the head
main mast  crest
a toppa
conatus, no balenciaga models
to beguile   most people
anyone else?
AI with braid
AI with pigtail
flip of the machine onto top
no sub
just dependent on a plug
top’s warm
22 words
and AI is a dinghy
Buzz Telegraph
this significant amount of water
and the fizzy divvy hummingbird man
went off to war
to the heaving sea
to bring about haven
peaceful place by magic
bump starting the wet job
as innocent pink
as a Ruth Roland musical
accept or reject
proposer/ responder
smallest possible offer
The Ultimatum Game
(please collectivize)
some agencies like the Tate
will say:
“continue the legacy of the shock tactic”
anything grows
most likely not in beautiful parks
“get your digital soul”
brevity to have a grope
slap & tickle
second base
aim & mind & code
techie ethos
garner, preload
fast messengers
father said: we will donate the most eyesome girls

oh, wooly blue curls, SuicideGirls?

—Martina Gertrude Siebert