against the laws of physics
i have been talking to my “fut”
o, food to foresee
the french call it war
the austrians cunt
while all the players say: ultimate team
why champions
i keep counting sheep with eyelids
under my eyelids
counting dream states
counting arpeggios
minor, major
diminished, augmented
dominant feeding of young birds of prey

from the skies blackening darkness
source signal
comes in a brisk fall still in timely manner
i laugh
tubes & rocket fuel explorer
consecutive playoff streak
100 surfers & keep it a hundred hollerin’
no one can carry the board & the gidget
we are the product that should not be bought
the lunatic friends
dear oakland, what a mess
a woman standing on a cop car – no shoes on
fountain head
why am i looking at the back door

well educated me hey
why look for what there is to spare
wall to wall pad a go go
manhattan beach home bossa nova
& gumbo off shore oil fields
zoot suit
by the skill in all arts
hung by honey-hearted words
bee maidens
legs & wings bruised
a ghost story ending in the gutter
o, Melaina
i deplore the events

zip lock baggy feeder for birds of prey
gryphon fission
the veil of the future wrest from shrews
with snout & tiny eyes
termagant jibe jeering, slur
audio designs

—Martina Gertrude Siebert