of all recent mornings
up to
square a female ah’m nae a bam, libet
mornside heights
global center
men chatting away
earth observatory
cold rod, circular phantom

you call it dementia village
not exactly a community
maybe  a  street
still no simple walk &
no nursery, No
ride quickly from Howe to
camel toe


this staling went


lord howe white-eye
while mrs karlsson-on-the-roof
went through all her toxic papers
treading on dangerous ground
hey, all these toxic papers
the Valachi papers
capos of stand-alone facilities
she said: not a challenge at all
phenomenal memory for names
dates adresses numbers …
this blunt is super chron
a Mayrhofen illusion
not an epic swing
just memories with a photo


even vertigo is unreal
what is a bridge ?
fleeting rainbow
beam laid down for crossing
one & three
we’ll see russian wrist
o.o & super ordinary  jgger-mast
foot bridge or brideshead revisited off
of bling & part
anglelossness of a bridge
never aging heelless
shaftless, flangeless & flanked
Jaszczak phantom
or just a fly on a bridge, crippled wings
she fly
atlas of unauthorized absence

—Martina Gertrude Siebert