The Collector

The Collector #7

March 15, 2020

Deven Golden / Judith Linhares As someone who has collected art for a bit over 40 years, and who is, to boot, married to a painter, it should not be surprising that I have a story to tell about every work in our collection. So when Cathy asked me to [...]

The Collector #6

March 8, 2020

Elisabeth Condon / Peter Williams   2015 seems so late when the Trayvon Martin trial date was 2013, his murder 2012. As Black Lives Matter raged on and people wrung their hands, Peter Williams stepped up to give their feelings a voice. He began [...]

The Collector #5

March 1, 2020

Charles Hagen / Andy Grundberg     Why do we look at photographs, or any images? Why do we like to have them around?  Pictures resonate with possible meaning, allow us to create webs of information, emotions, memories. Photographs, as a [...]

The Collector #4

February 22, 2020

Diane and Bruce Gregory / Taylor Spence The composition of this fresco fascinates me because my eye is drawn to The Church – Our Church – a solid building conveying a stable sacredness while around it streaks of yellow light pulsate. The car is [...]

The Collector #3

February 16, 2020

Dave King / Ellen Berkenblit   I went to college with Ellen Berkenblit. We weren’t in any classes together, but we had mutual friends, and I viewed her as the girl who was always around: sauntering down a hallway with a handful of brushes or [...]

The Collector # 2

February 9, 2020

Rachel Youens/ Russell Twiggs   I never thought Mr. Russell Twiggs knew or noticed me. I was the child who scrambled around the Beaux Arts building at Carnegie Tech on Saturday afternoons while my dad was working, waiting for him to be free for [...]

The Collector # 1

February 2, 2020

C. Carr: Judy Glantzman This Judy Glantzman piece has presided over my workspace now for decades. It’s an un-portrait. That’s my name for it because Judy’s work is about people who are not posing. She’s caught them in the middle of [...]

The Collector: Coming Soon!

January 18, 2020

Artists need money, that goes without saying. But they also need collectors, individuals who see something in their work that should be cared about, lived with, thought about and preserved for the future. I would rather my work hang in a tenement [...]