Concentration is a Gem II

July 9, 2016

  Gems: the value of hardness—something to bear in mind.   Also, having light inside There are people gems Cat gems and dog gems: It’s the light inside   One of my favorite aunts loved star sapphires—and only now I learn how [...]

Concentration Is a Gem I

May 17, 2016

A pearl beyond price, and… mostly beyond reach too. The Chinese word yu means both “jade” and “precious stone.”  In ancient China, only the first wife could wear jade.  The second had to content herself with diamonds.  I wonder if [...]


March 29, 2016

I love books and I see them everywhere I go, much more often than hawks. I also love gems and stones, but until I finish a little piece about them, I am borrowing like a magpie from the museums of Washington D.C. and from Robert Bolaño’s Between [...]

Hawk III

February 23, 2016

Frosted over with power What is the weight of death What’s the weight of life Who knows, except that both get lighter— When a hawk circles over. Another close friend just died and hawks are visiting: last Friday, one flew over the old Port [...]

Hawks II

January 29, 2016

Hawks’ meaty thighs, pantaloons, beaks, the sharp eyes indented so sharply under their hawk brows– and those talons: what an over-glory of perfection.   The ravishing yellow shagreen toes of Red-tailed Hawks boast bright black ever- [...]