Hawk III

February 23, 2016

Frosted over with power What is the weight of death What’s the weight of life Who knows, except that both get lighter— When a hawk circles over. Another close friend just died and hawks are visiting: last Friday, one flew over the old Port [...]

Hawks II

January 29, 2016

Hawks’ meaty thighs, pantaloons, beaks, the sharp eyes indented so sharply under their hawk brows– and those talons: what an over-glory of perfection.   The ravishing yellow shagreen toes of Red-tailed Hawks boast bright black ever- [...]

Hawk I

January 19, 2016

Pray not to Heaven For Heavenly bird Or Heaven may take you At your word. — Stevie Smith Hawks do not slink, cower, praise God, reminisce, forgive, pray, or worry. Hawks preen, determine, kill, dive, climb, curse, and show off their profile. Hawks [...]