Why I am so Clever

by Martina Gertrude Siebert

bee on clover

to start writing on something…or
soma thing defeatist …
trying to combine it with

bumblebee nietzsche; Why I am so Clever

ed. note: bumblebee nietzsche; Why I am so Clever
Should read: bumblebee nietzsche; Why I am so Clover?

well, i do not know.
but it is the penguin classics’102.
it has 3 parts:
why i am so wise
why i am so clever
why i write such good books.
” And so I tell myself my life.
The fortunateness of my existence,
its uniqueness perhaps, lies in its fatality;
to express it in form of a riddle, as my father I have already died,
as my mother i still live and grow old (…)
at once décadent and beginning … . ”

ed. note: clover is klee in german

sending flying messages owl
anarta trifolii

ed.note: well the thing is that even a nietzchean bee likes clover, no?

likes alpine plant life, including clover, yes!
calling nietzsche bumblebee, is based on his zarathustra .
there, the colors of the moderns (if he means painters only, i do not know)
are the preachers of death. the preachers of death are the yellow ones or the black ones.
he then claims that his zarathustra will show them in different colors too.
i should hope that a nietzschean bumblebee -working the meadows of Sils Maria –
paintings are carriers of sound: the sounds of the unspoken word.
ocean, sky, colors & hearts cannot speak, he says.
maybe they can all dance like bees or butterflies, who knows?

While bees sting, bumblebees lift their middle leg as a warning before stinging.
Maybe you consider him to be far more belligerent than this .
okay, cut out the bumblebee-thing … no problem!
clever clover will not be ” full of new ill will and counter current”
though perhaps “sounded out by a thawing wind”.
What do i know? I do know, you are funny.

– Martina Gertrude Siebert