Black Pivot for a Motley Eye (I)

by Martina Gertrude Siebert

Cloud Gate BlackCapture (2)

Black Pivot for a Motley Eye (I)

Is Black ever black enough? It is blacker than ever before.

Is it bleak when referring to a choice, as in Black Square?

Black can be blue, can be red, can be violet

a moony memory space,

too located or dislocated

to be reborn in Vantablack.


Now Black is Vantablack, a towering Black.


A riddance of ravens, of moon, of maroon,

of fire engine red as in “ArcelorMittal Orbit

done by an Indian lad,

soon to raise & to delay the myth

of public whiff –

Anish Kapoor says: “… the world has become a much darker place, I want my work to reflect that.”

Vantablack reflects 0. 035 % that is – considering the quest – tooooooo much!



this was part of it too:

forget the croaking of upstart crows

or blistering black of corvus unicolor

see tight straights of black

dragged into hysterically thin rows

the feebleness of public projects emerging as Orbit desire

& the slitty factuality of the ravens in the tower of London


Kraehe4 b

to live beyond paradise -,

– Martina Gertrude Siebert