Joos van Craesbeeck's The Smoker
Joos van Craesbeeck‘s The Smoker

the house of windsor owns the codex atlanticus –
… at least all the medical drawings …
they display the rough ways of collecting…
ruwe manier by which rembrandt’s hand is seemingly caught
and wanton van gogh ‘s ear is following ….
blaze of colors and the fervor of dying members of passion
seem to open & close around ars moriendi  like  waterlilies of the amazon…

now it seems to be the masses’ fate to accept non-finito on a different level – to
come away with a self portrait.
morimura said: i do my paintings not on canvas but on a face diffusing one’s identity.
tronies …???


“over and through and back around they want me to learn the windsor knot” as a reinventing of an
old master hacked by a sexual transversal.
i do remember s. polke saying: franz list is happy to watch tv with me.
there are world objects & blue chips – but that’s not enough: mas blue needs fecit as Red.

Actually Titus´ – forlorn son of rijn – is a red-haired jew ( color of the prophet? how would i know
dried blood is old while the rise of the cult of rembrandt is cold
and still under the influence of seeking blood
it makes the shift real …
from light to dark flood…
magnanimity of painterly style …. yes, when brushwork can spread brown ink –
as rijn did – after quill’s think …

– Martina Gertrude Siebert