blue and brown

by Martina Gertrude Siebert

James Elaine
James Elaine, Landschaft installation in Bielfeld, Germany

if essence is contingent then contingency is a form of essentialism …*
oh bullshit?!
it’s always nice to hear that a bullet finds its way,
hitting the heart of avant-garde.

what is the essence of a form but a vesel, happy go lucky vessel as the dominant void? (vesel is an old word for happy/ lucky
and vessel demonstrates it as boat, container or coquille)
it would hardly ever, so, never, stop adding blanks/planks to what makes itself sail.

struggle and terror … the emotion, here trying to articulate itself.

do not give me the Browns of rembrandt …
Brown the most difficult of colors to create – unless you call it too early, calling it caca dauphin.
well, it is always charming to ridicule within the circle of puffpaff power…
though the object never speaks… doesn’t need to.
subjects speak while approaching an object …  be very welcome to turn yourself into god
but do not call it breathtakingly vast ontological vistas.
ontology is method. i should say this: ” being ” =” from which minus has no chance to recuperate, is when
Brown is out to be lab’s fraud, and tell me now, what do we do with Blue?

What was the most off- the- line sentence Goethe ever wrote?

Blue does exist! (Es gibt Blau !)

In Bielefeld Blue is yellow (Boboa / Elaine).
In Locarno Blue is fellow – Mekas’ Black (Zidane).
If we mix red & blue light, we get white.
If we mix red & green light, we get yellow.
If we mix pigment, we see purple or green –
is that mean?
Green is the first servant of Black
Red is the last sylph of White and Aristotle said:
There is only Yellow, straying from White
And what is left of the sun
is a brief glare of green light
Plus, i call the crazy embrace of augmented reality a glare, a whitening – not a highlight and far from a tinted highlight – meant to rewire brains.
the last, the latest,
new sight.

– Martina Gertrude Siebert


*Rebekah Sheldon, “Queer Universal” e-flux Journal 2016