Paul D’Agostino: excerpts from “The Produce Chronicles, With Flowers”

May 10-June 11, 2017


Drawings with the lighthearted insouciance of early Warhol illuminate and are illuminated by Grim[m] fairy tales of contemporary life. Schizophrenically hilarious.                    — CNQ

Selected from the show Foofaraw & Spleen at The Lodge Gallery which also includes work by Heather Morgan, More information below.














All works featured here are selections from Paul D’Agostino’s ongoing book project titled The Produce Chronicles, With Flowers, and all are watercolor and ink on paper, dimensions variable. About thirty of these sheets are now on view in Foofaraw & Spleen at The Lodge Gallery, on the Lower East Side at 131 Chrystie Street. It’s a two-person show with Paul D’Agostino and Heather Morgan, on view through June 11th. Images courtesy the artist and The Lodge Gallery. More information here: