NOMENCoLorATURE at Studio 10

Open 8/13 & 8/14, 2-6pm


Paul D’Agostino’s latest beautiful effort to bring painters together on hot summer days opened last Saturday and can be viewed again on Saturday and Sunday (8/13 and 8/14) from 2-6. (Yours truly presiding on Saturday – CNQ)

NOMENCoLorATURE – an open call with strict guidelines (which not everybody followed) to paint a 6” square with one color and name it. 176 people answered that call.

For a list of the artists:


Here are some of the paintings and some of the names and some of the viewers, some of whom might be the painters– in no particular order. One of the pleasures of the show –to match them up. And to imagine other ways they could be hung—a lot of people did that.

A sly comment made to Larry Greenberg by Adam Simon, “You should tell everybody that their painting is the best in the show.”


Best Wishes/ Sudden and Devastating Loss/ Bruised Anus/ Aqualicious/ Time Sponge


Grandma/ Deadflower Pink/ Rashomon (in the Woods)/ H2O/ Italian Roast/ Lonely Blue


Pinch my Cheeks Pink/ Limoncello/ General Severe Weather/ 3 Colors I Used Today


The Black Forest/ The color of those mouldy comices that harbor wood lice/ Sold


Creamed Spinach/ Good Bloke Blue/ 1955/ Pinko Red/ Did Not/ Deep Lust/ Pooling