Molly Crabapple “If we get permission we will go legally. If not we’ll go by smuggler”


straying from the straight and narrow
vertex trajectory, no
grid patterns, no

framed by dark blue corners,
once tapestry of the gods or
close-meshed prayer rugs,
dum dum trodden, dumb trodden … while  I
Et dum secum cogitaret is
where i had to find the means to survive,
along a street of oil & electricity
not knowing how construction may
work exactly either,
a road, trodden by splendid climbs
of rockets,
of military data, too
as the new law,
while friend says to friend
we are too late
coming in from afar
from acres of sleep simply being eaten …

we’re late
we’ll be late

at the same time DigitalGenius came to a rapid decision

leaving the booth of the human child et al.
to absorb the open source of aeon, swishing:
give me all of it …
no more chroma lines of ones,
no Greenery,
no Reds,
no daughters of syrians
not even the shadow of drinking in joy …
I am natural language processing!

here, the postal reaches the floor, la noiseuse, raven girl …  (makes it to the floor)
putting forward the question of bread and wine:
“What use are poets in time of need?”
even you, like Cerberus, will fall asleep …
titania dreams more softly …

Martina Gertrude Siebert



With references to Friedrich Holderlin’s poem “Bread and Wine”
See at All Poetry

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