translucent wood



mesmerizing is: translucent wood …
as the green green colored bed you call your own,
cuffing the tic tic tac of pointers,
swinging the punch to hit home the plain hall of crazy dread,
this bed, your community, drifting into the sea of sexual armory …
will not own the haziness of terrestrial life.

isn’t it the long long shot of the wounded
it is the long shot of the wounded …
not after,
before the battle landed …
once in Alt-lanta

so i

“crawled off to sleep in the bath
and when I awoke I was alone
this bird had flown
so I lit a fire
isn’t it good Norwegian wood?”


no, it’s called good transparent wood
biomacromolecules to save money, an optical thread/t,
a different sort of social-validation feedback fad
here to not erode the core foundation of social trestle,
ossature or lignin bog,
bog asphodels, bog bilberry, the birch
becoming self undermining
to conjure up processed light …
no,it all happens, while light can virtually be absorbed
to reappear as newly tanned super fright
flowing trough tube like channels,
channels of delignification
while marine red algae ( calliarthron) still manage to resist the stress;
but any unitary property can be disrupted
at any time
to store virtual light


… i once had …


… it had me …

biding my time


–Martina Gertrude Siebert