February 2018


February 26, 2018

  hello, on internet/renitent voice derailed, uuhaaha hha, oh blue bird singing quantum nick, don’t pee ppee you sit on the fairy tale branch, bench of time sprigs why not, says thyme frog eyed cucurù, you let me be unsurpassed, [...]

Parable #11: Coffee/Tea

February 18, 2018

    Our last ride got us to somewhere on the outskirts of NYC, probably the Bronx. The guy who’d picked us up took us into a diner and ordered himself a coffee. I was shocked when my brother said he’d have the same. We’d always [...]

translucent wood

February 2, 2018

    mesmerizing is: translucent wood … as the green green colored bed you call your own, cuffing the tic tic tac of pointers, swinging the punch to hit home the plain hall of crazy dread, this bed, your community, drifting into the [...]