hello, on internet/renitent

voice derailed, uuhaaha hha, oh
blue bird singing quantum nick, don’t pee ppee
you sit on the fairy tale branch,
bench of time sprigs
why not, says thyme
frog eyed cucurù, you
let me be unsurpassed,
aga/agra  (rhinella marina / taj mahal)
seconds will
excel to be second to none

human mouth,” oh old French voiz ”
voiceword stringing while spreading rumor,
utterance cries
while calling in speech;
sentences, language, words hailing, now,


it dies addressing
old english stefn, stefna as speed
meaning dances, “ability in a singer”,
meaning, this “expression of feeling…
meaning “invisible spirit or force that directs or suggests”
meaning, it will never flagellate insanity,
in hearing voices;
these sounds appear
as just intonation of
wish, choice, opinion whispering voiceless consonants,
the brisk momentum.

bench mark mattanza, sound:
unanimously renitent/reticent deep listener,

ibn sina’s instinctive source,

lyrebird or mahtotapa, high potentiality,
a steeping and finishing mood;

tough the scudscrambleblast

is just exposition …
shall there be fighting here,
in the basin of blameless sheer?

—Martina Gertrude Siebert


“Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu” (Volare) 1958 – Domenico Modugno originale con Testi Lyrics – Cantare