March 2018

Per Kirkeby and the Lenhard Effect

March 28, 2018

These paintings and Abstract Expressionism share a painterly vocabulary and have nothing else in common. It’s disconcerting even now, when gestural painting is often figurative, to see how precise Kirkeby’s work is. It is based on direct [...]

Parable # 12: Encounter

March 26, 2018

    I stared at the man opposite me on the A train. His face was strangely familiar and I realized he was having the same reaction to seeing me. We both got up and took hold of one of the poles in the middle of the car. We ran through the [...]

this great dope is mine

March 22, 2018

someone is kept awake at night bright night expands by this sparkling threat a third world war is set elon musk must send some of us home to Mars to maximize “the freedom of action of humanity” which hitches us along to Mars Bar. Mars Bar will [...]