this great dope is mine

someone is kept awake at night
bright night expands
by this sparkling threat
a third world war is set
elon musk must send some of us home to Mars
to maximize “the freedom of action of humanity”
which hitches us along to Mars Bar.
Mars Bar will be the haunt of the rich,
rich seed of human civilization
shortening the length of the dark ages
so musk says,
the utility function
to maximize happiness of humans,
a super-intelligent AI may decide:
the best way to do this
is to capture all humans and inject their brains
with dopamine and serotonin.
the staggering imperialism of AI is the thread,
hotbed of capitalism deflated by the lacking “insight and oversight”
capitalism grows by consuming anything that isn’t capitalist,
rosa luxemburg said …
can AI be “symbiotic with humanity”
can it be
the insidious risks in sight,
artificial intelligence is digitization
and capitalism eats reality,
imperialism of everyday life …
it begins to consume moments.
don’t know if i want to go where moonbeams paint the sky
to settle in a cottage built for two
( Randy Newman, My little Buttercup)
a miserabilist sense of history becomes the typical routine
of dreaming,
the hunch,
that allstars, all stars,
will end swaying,
will end up in a messy flicker …
with digitization …
streetgang capitalism starts to eat reality
consuming moments,
moments, split seconds, bits
while this great dope is mine…
the shoeless soldiers at Valley Forge
accepted the blue book of an expelled pansy,
valet ginger called steuben
sprinkle & spray
atomize, vaporize …
you practice till it becomes second nature, mars camp.
i’ve had a lotta time
had a lotta time on my hands…*

consuming moments,

moments, split seconds, bits
while this great dope is mine
a yellow shoeless soldier at Valley Forge is just fine
–Martina Gertrude Siebert