January 2019


January 22, 2019

Like a verdant spoof in the dark of a bet driven by  expectation rounding the darkness of a wet cell Alati said : “I can’t just start doing push-ups on a bathtub in front of people. I can’t just start walking around with no underwear.” look [...]

Bad Kitty and the Magician Part 1

January 9, 2019

  “Always the frog,” he said: “never the rabbit,” and began to weep. The frog was white, with sweet dark green eyes, moist and bright. The magician had beautiful sad eyes and his lashes were now mascara wet-shiny — he was a cloud of [...]

Wrestling, in the Dark, with Delacroix

January 8, 2019

  Delacroix does not “do it for me.” Btw, have you heard “Lord, Do It For Me,” with its increasingly fervent request? The James Cleveland version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daKpXBT6vyA However, he did it for Van Gogh and other [...]