Like a verdant spoof
in the dark of a bet
driven by  expectation
rounding the darkness of a wet cell
Alati said :
“I can’t just start doing push-ups on a bathtub in front of people.
I can’t just start walking around with no underwear.”
look closely what’s in front of you …

step napping
100.000 light bubbles away
where this sight is set
it circles a sugar & salt scrub
to rescue the poker face
from despair
whilst morpheus arrives
to help
hapless sleeper
to meet the H
cutting into the salty lair,
to lure the blue flare
of scary parts
of patient hallucination
to add risk to the play
social comparison
let’s grow hallucinations
bearing the seal “respeggt”
as hydrothermal plume
the non baptismal sign
of this heart’s horizontal line


ghosted outlines, the form of ghosting
ships carrying “sihts”*, sightings of the flying dutchman
in the face of enemy, save your face
on cerebrospinal oceans’ endless stretches
omen to foretell the future,
message of god
while all harbours
even in sight
refuse entry
or good hope
witnessing a press of sails
no good clearing
the specter ship
knows its crime:
traversing a cloudy mind singing:
“life’s uncertain race …
the Knight being render’d to his charge
but as a prisoner at large. ”

years of sorrow for hours of joy
scott’s rokeby canto or rosa loy
hallucinate the solemn fish fry,
the scorpion fish, the zone bream
oily fish
pesce azzurro
as netting-knitting of security transaction
inflections of ownership
net short position
or the burden of computing
of processing in a batch mode
to reduce systemic risk
while the dutchman crosses our bows
the tulips, the remuneration
the cruel sex & the pacific ocean
and ghostly crew sailing in the air

i will never forget the roaming of pink ham ryder
death on a pale horse
why shouldn’t i love albert’s mixed media ghost …
methyl alcohol
i am a störtebeker** …
11 or 11 000 kites will decompose with me in this canister
daunting sprites of the dark side of the moon

don’t have to be proficient with meditation, the poker player said
64 200 bubbles will do the trick for this lad, the pat poker face said
unrolling the yoga mat …
don’t need to project the woman in the moon .
i am photo moon booth
i am zero G
i am fine,
alas, no optic nerve
you are not alike …


Martina Gertrude Siebert

 sihts paardenmarkt antwerpen – Google Search

Wörterbuchnetz – Deutsches Wörterbuch von Jacob Grimm und Wilhelm Grimm

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