wet-witted machine

intelligent engine
wet grinding machine,
a grinder & paint…
la Bayadère haha
( make me the welder i ain’t)
theres’s always a lob-lobo
trying to pick up spanish
on the street …
one hears two men talking  …
“Bet she doesn’t even speak English”
one man says:
“the vagina of the queen”
the lamballe,
we cover her hairdo
with talcum graffiti
calling it deviant
or jewish activism
take it to the hospital …
we say hole
we say scent
we say lent
we say bent
we say talent
say disposition
or marie thérèse walter
we say: proxy
bedding ceremony
with lafayette …

be upset Σωτήρ


SOil and TERrain Database

graffiti from smyrna
dipylon jug from athens
all suffer from conscious fainting fits
stepping on pedals in the air
plain airlifts,
final say,
23 paces to brighton rock’s
bathed in fetal bovine serum’s
deep heirloom
calling out loud to say: yes
what a mess to look at the gallows
to get a refined sense of less
i wander around in tagged streets
of belated specials of beale street
of tabea blumenschein’s moonlight
of blue matelots
disconnected from any meaning
heading for extremes
shipwreck …
don’t pay attention …
23 paces to brighton rock’s
deep heirloom
calling out loud to say: no
i wander around in stagged streets
as a belated beat special
to and through
the sorceress’ way
to indigenous passion

“no happy little day”

but queen medley:
oh, lady of the arts

what do you do

for the levy
what do you do
minimal surfaces …
“uhlen” spec?!
hey, we pause for riffs
open boreholes
we all pause for
24 centimeters
—Martina Gertrude Siebert