The Rescue Painting

Storage is a problem.
The next day I got this email:

To: Cathy Quinlan
Subject: Re: leaves –

Hey – I got busy there for a minute.  I can bring you these leaves probably tomorrow, and let’s see if a beer can happen too!

The weirdest thing happened yesterday: I was walking Lulu and I saw a small canvas discarded on the garbage by Elmy’s.  When I flipped it over I realized it’s one of your paintings!  A smaller one of a bowl of fruit done with the same hatchmarks as the sky one we have.  It’s very beautiful. I have it here for you.  Luckily I grabbed it before it started snowing.
Talk to you soon,

(So I figure a couple walked by and one of them wanted it and the other didn’t and by the time they got to the end of the block, the hater prevailed and they dumped it.)

These two photos are a re-enactment.

Cathy Quinlan

Wed 2/13/2019 11:31 AM

Thank you but I put that painting out to give it away Because I didn’t think it was one of my better efforts but possibly somebody would want it. Obviously somebody out there agreed with me and threw it in the garbage–so keep it or put it out again!

I won’t be here tomorrow afternoon–maybe Friday? But bring the leaves whenever you like, C

Monica, Lulu ( rescue dog), Fabiola, Giancarlo and Marina.

Marina asked me, ”Why do you want a picture of it? You hate it, you threw it away.”
And I said, “Yes, but now I love it. It has a family!”