drilling emptiness

hydraulic stilts
more than fifty
shipping containers
on the drifting ice shelf
of denialism
a johnsian thing with tap root
a latter day alchemy
a flag with atmosphere
as big as
two or three conveniences
massive inches
a flag


dripping paint
on pollock’s sack
grocery sack
gym sack
crocus sack
Jasper’s flag
fantasy fag of great importance
more than fifty blues bent into isness
a k/gooning
melvilles’ “isolatoes”
flag of solitude
glamour rearranging
the ordinary high
or boundlessness of sharp focus
spooky stilts of exasperation
a thing of infinite
a waif
stiletto silence
called painter’s child



let’s turn our backs on bush fires
to return to mars bar
the avatar inspired

what is inspired, mariner of goon
to inhale the souls of more
trekking what had come before
to inspire others
to reach elephant island
focused on a single feeling?

what about Thule, Greenland
camp century
cities under the ice
oh dear hand
meditation experience
subterranean lake
to shower us with sweet rant

38 000 liters of fresh water
to make amends
i love my dear Shackleton
but more than him
i will embrace the normad
or native americans
or speechless Neshat as gelatin silver print

“don’t torture yourself to make something”

⁠—Martina Gertrude Siebert