the harmonized mastic code

may i say
i dislike the images or language used
have yachts and bigger yacht’s single glow on a shore ditch
too much banker arty buffer
too many well known words
so, languages display a lock-in syndrome
why does it move Abby WOOD^HYLE closing line
digger, it’s too long
i can’t suck it!

find your true walker
won’t be cake
won’t be “Vanderwalker”
or Belmarsh House
nor bot holes
bridges that go nowhere

strive & strife for talent
zounds & oops
like data fiddlesticks
ah, I O
automatic animation
Strix with clicks

there it is & enters the hall
great hall, new hall
no worries, let’s hall
she so bright on her mind
my skilled friend, Halle
what an egg
it sticks to the palisades of U
mastic without mercy
no pity
Chios & not chios again
very serious about preventing
tipping point
a paean brewing

this braid doesn’t tear off
biplane of fut & fare dripping
drip against buccaneers
what an egg in the hall of an U
shrinking footprints
within the least efficient means
enter: panther, Mowgli & cougar
to face sheer & chicle
solely separate freebooter
with shots of pearls in november’s  gale
snow tears shipped to distant places, thence
robots’ food while it drips & drips
active & non adaptive
no round up ready maize
but ferment of the

oh, guppy & honey cake
where an egg enters the big U
& droplets drop
all these robots of irritated Gallions Reach


—Martina Gertrude Siebert