Sketchbook # 19: Robert Egert



Contemporary jester, Robert Egert allows us into his world for a minute. Don’t stay too long or you might get lost in there.

This is how he describes the series:

“Some time ago I was without a studio. During that time I would suddenly become overcome with loss, voicelessness and even panic. To assuage those feelings, I bought a large journal and used it as a portable studio. I didn’t take it too seriously and it was liberating to think that I’d probably never show anyone the journal. At first the images were about loss: lots of cutting and amputations. Later, I started to bind the limbs together to create makeshift architectures. Eventually the images broadened to include narratives, illustrations and other motifs. With the passage of time I came to realize that the journal was not only as a document of that time in my life but also a kind of cipher to themes in my studio work.”












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