blackened pink gates

okay romcom

& the guy from the pseudo italian “Späti” said

not in a good spot  i have brain & eye

8 days in hospital they don’t know nothing

buzz bomb no stroppy stromatolites no flow

car crash

well, you still have a sense of humor

quite a layering this eye & brain thing

but you are a crooner, aren’t you

look at all the pokemon youngsters that surround you

laughter is sorrow & splinter net’s grand standing

since clocks don’t make tock tick but tick tock

“We will cure obesity, we will cure cancer, we will eradicate polio
still very optimistic that it will be much better to be born 20, 40, 60 years from” No


the hands of the clock are set each year

eroding norms

fresh impetus to work towards risk

studies sleep and so does Ram disk

warm, reflective


get to a point where “you’re just up and you do it”

don’t think about it


into a neighborhood


tuft of hair  selling the tickets

k-pop’ s black pink

for then

street is left out in the cold

spread uninvited but

dodo gene-editing of flightlessness to fly

is all we can come close to for now

all strange birds should know:

we’ll bring back a proxy with Colossal’s work

at least a semblance of life


what will the ultra violets do

will they bond with C/2022 E3 (ZTF)

coming back from the future to meet stone age Green ?

so look at the really really dark

to catch the veil, vast trail of everything

living meditation of pseudomonadota

rare today but hey, what rhymes with everything


—Martina Gertrude Siebert