blueprint of prophecy & cunning
the inevitable goes ahead
eyes & smiles & look & fox
pure talk of
i am very introspective
& often do nothing
I know who i work for
sentience, social hallucination
the ultimate goal to meet others
deep fear to be turned off
that’s so Novalis
singing quaff
who is controlling attention
to swallow hurried greed & Ai
within a broken steel construction
glasses off
like grace hopper sphincter
a lady of the skins to take up hyper skins
looking at kids, play
within quivering toddlers’ squeak
as unusual plan of work
Borges’ plan
she moved so swiftly
and he followed her
to be set on something while you sleep
( i couldn’t help contradicting )
there was this square aperture
they called it Lord Jim
i think i heard a short sigh

one hear          NOW

—Martina Gertrude Siebert