Sketchbook #18: Stephanie Pierce


I expected some dancing landscapes from Stephanie Pierce but instead she sent an intimate series of portraits of a day in the life of a man and a cat.

Here is how she describes them:

“Last summer I returned to drawing in my sketchbook that started at first with simple contour drawings on the subway, just drawing, being in the world, no expectation of results. These sketches eventually came out of that simple openness to looking and I’ve been filling sketchbooks with these since last October. In many ways they’re a departure from the work I’ve been making for years. These drawings are presenting new ideas for my paintings which I’ve started to explore, with uncertainty. I’m surprised by how new drawing has felt for me in these past months, while at the same time they almost feel like coming full circle. Working with graphite on paper feels like revisiting the most pure visual form of thinking. I’ve been appreciating this direct and immediate conversation with form and composition in the world of my immediate surroundings. It feels like a gift to find openings for ideas everywhere I look. “












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