Sketchbook # 19: Loren Munk

Word Stack (2022) 14″ x 22″

It occurred to me that Loren Munk’s paintings must take some planning and boy, was I right!
For his ability to picture Time and Space in an ingenious, gorgeous way,  he deserves a chapter in The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (Edward R. Tufte)

Read my review in which I elaborate on the idea that his paintings are “memory palaces” here


The History of Western Aesthetics
You Think You Know (2022) 14″ x 22″


Artists Assembled in Front of Tanager Gallery 1956 drawing


Assembled Artists…Tanager Gallery 1956


Assembled Artists…Tanager Gallery 1956


Lupertz Kippenberger Sauna (2021)


A Million Blues (2022) 14″ x 22″


Beauty-Truth (2022) 48″ x 42″


See more of Loren Munk’s work here




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