cat’s watershed

not a finished thing
but sketchy shuffle & stomp
sound barrier Whomp
edelweiss pirates

oh, might can
bless your heart
let’s fake
deep state
legacy succession ulterior motives

well, goopy saragassum
heavy on the transoceanic   freeway
nature’s casino
this risk baring capacity
without stability note
what does the word uncorrelated mean
sail to Bermuda?
back formation
bringing into orderly connection
Liberty Mutual as well as wind speeds
kadis, quince, quiffs
tiger women, prostitutes
cat whiskers & bee’s knee
contempt for a woman

obstinate & spiteful cytology
study of cells
cytol prideful
cat fix & cold stare

what is a turning point
this watershed marker?
where is the water?
where is Hoyt, unincorporated
i only know “Voigts”, dear Des Moines
night & girls & jamboree
the turn, this name & catastrophe
a tinging sleep of monks
called primary circle
since i never met the life insurer, not yet
Fire under the skin didn’t reach you
Pine River Capital

hey specialized catastrophe
Artemis ( []
the artful, the crooked way
we follow you room to room at a distance)

playtime or sleeping next to each
we still fight
or other
one sort of forgets
the level of variability
just look at that smile
slow motion
magnificent dance of
limited insight
a c u m e n
echo ?

Alas, cat bonds*

—Martina Gertrude Siebert

*Catastrophe Bonds, ILS, Reinsurance, Risk Transfer –

ARTEMIS covers catastrophe bonds, insurance-linked securities (ILS), alternative reinsurance capital, risk transfer, investments, longevity and weather risk markets. Read about Artemis. Or if you are new to this?