“Darkness of My Life”, too. George Condo in “Nice Weather” at Skarstedt Gallery

Through April 16, 2016

George Condo, “Darkness of My Life,” 2015.
George Condo, “Darkness of My Life,” 2015.

Do you ever experience a dream that’s like falling down steps in the dark? And one time I fell off a country road down a wooded hill because I was looking at the moon, which is just an aside and was nothing like this except that it was falling down and it was rough and dark.

(Just a bit scratched up. Thanks for wondering.)

Nude Descending
Marcel Duchamp, “Nude Descending a Staircase, No 2,” 1912.

And do you think that it’s very like “Nude Descending a Staircase (2)?

Except darker and wider, almost square and the descent is less controlled.

Lately I’m avoiding horror and scary and sickness and death in art. I get enough of that on NPR. But then I saw this painting and just had a simple recognition of all the effort I put into balancing all day without really thinking about it—is it any wonder I sometimes fall down the steps at night? And I’m standing again at the bottom of the stairs—though dazed and confused. – CNQ

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