a lambent dream

gold must be pure,
o, doré gold
be the cover
while under the aegis of
fear, rage & spleen
we reel to uncover the precipitous continent.


the act of unraveling & what it could mean
when we are looking at gold
looking for it after it has disappeared
with the showers of meteorites hitting earth?
has it not sunk to the liquid core of the earth?
like the molten calf or
fritz haber’s quest to extract gold from deep seawater
hoping to pay germany’s reparations
after WW I
via the mediterranean, ha!
he gave it up…
chrysopoeia …
the ultimate goal of alchemists.
well, gold can be manufactured in a reactor
by way of irradiation of either mercury or platinum-,
potential toxicity left aside, its effect is sweeping
while flakes of gold or gold particles
can remedy strain,
reducing inflammation,
opioids can block pain.
aurum’s shiny dawn is shiny dawn.
d j t  has grasped the golden dim, too:
Theodor Hoseman Tanzvergnuegen 1839
if you own it, you make the rules at your whim.
at the same time, this shiny dawn is not mansa musa’s religious fret
this one will not hand out gold nuggets to the sick & the poor
devalue his own currency.

out of mutt & mud,
little bony hands reach up.
don’t know if aristotle saw that
while the frosted shine of a paper dome called copula
gave way to the tail risk of the first mover…
there is always something ghel
o, michelle-bell(e)
as in yellow & green
from spring to fountain;
a lambent dream of the non opioids
of a different remedying of pain
aurum, shiny dawn towards the blocking of pain
no preliminary sense in a sigh
just enough time for a miniature konterfei
counterfeit ?
nixon shock – freely floating fiat
 or         eating
at   spreegold … GOld home!