switchbacks’ S shaped twist
unstructured fizz
where particles escape
from deep within
the girl brigade
coronal holes
pussy cat’s dust
thin skinned
with a dash of thermal gradients
cooling the rolling chest,
tool chest
the cyclotron walker
the micro sons of a gun
born afloat
sailor’s bookwork of syncopes
helmet streamers’ giddy jet into impotence
the feared interrogator
going to Angola to Namibia
as well as to the green screen
still wrong about
the arrow finger
the pet form …
little Richard or
favorite son
as true honesty
of the yellow tetralogy
of the marvelous twins of Bohemia & Valois
this making of
abandonment as
thief of the bastards,

duke of york
mother & child
and the leading goat

when the tiny finger points to green
the lady with the cobalt coat
her ultramarine,
knows the crank
icy shine of yellow behind the scenes
where song dips into red at 3:25 pm
what a song
what a shine
what a tree
song all hers & mine
green screen
goldfish’s stock video

all is bright
read from the light

Martina Gertrude Siebert