the long line

a long line of eerie stitches
covered the past
neon deep sequins decoration
tripping over green reconciliation
harassed & surpassed
not exactly classy
i told the girl carpenter
sequins harvester
erecting cabinets for four
i know, she said, you will come to visit us
but we don’t want you here

why matter of fact  …
it can be done personally
the rest stays in place cheerfully

what about universality i asked
what about the long line of word dealers
lasting from end to end?
Long knives?
speak plainly – end of line, she said

oh, line storm or bare thread
i saw this cute girl at the drugstore
with red scribbles on her mask
it read: the rest is silence
so many islands
maybe i misread
the last word was science
aspirants of contrivance … i uttered

yes, Miss Read you read pinches
don’t you

much ado
about nothing, i replied
& walked down the avenue to
sidestep into monbijou park
since the cabinet for 4 seemed to be
a backslide

i have a must hear for you,
my sweet orange tree,
she declared
whilst i passed a couple of masks
& sexual objects of the past
to come across Immanuel

owie bowWoie
ther’ something running
down my leg cray-ahn
i’m blind you know
i know, Immanuel
i know … it’s blood
your calf cracked
it’s a deep gash
he replied
i’ve just left Charité
all i need is an orange
he cried
you have to go back
you have to back, i begged

i need an orange
i will never go back
i need my sisters of  st. francis & perpetual adoration
i’ ll go ahead ………………..
okay i said & crossed the center lawn

when i reached the field of hydrangea
the carpenter girl said: look at her
she wants her picture taken
our lady of the unknown bag blinked
the picture was taken
she shrouded her face
with instagram slag
she was photographed
the carpenter girl laughed
what a taffy taft president’s series
the unknown lady apprised me well-versed
“huhu” darling beech tree
flowers come first

Martina Gertrude Siebert



Daft Punk – Hotel del Luna