Sketchbook Number Seven: Liza Phillips

It seems uncannily appropriate with China so much on our minds to show, among others, a few sketches that Liza Phillips made at a residence in Taohuatan China last October. Here are her descriptions:

  1. Lucky with raised hand and Tai Chi champion, Taohuatan China – attempting to capture attitudes.
  2. Goose face study done in studio. I was interested in the similarity to a vent pipe.
  3. Figure study from film “Breaking Boats” – love the film and idea of tiny figures moving colossal boats.
  4. View from studios Taohuatan China 10/19 sketch for painting
  5. Francis on a train, Dublin, 12/19. He’s always a great subject
  6. Two figures at a rug show, Javits Center NYC 5/19; more interested in torsos of rug industry workers than rugs…
  7. Tracie with arms spread, China 10/19. Asked her to pose for painting.
  8. Stoop dog, China 10/19. This dog was so tired.










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